In Her Dreams is a Whitney Award Finalist!

More exciting news! In Her Dreams was just announced this week as a finalist for a Whitney Award in the YA Speculative and Best Debut Book for 2018.

Now the reading and voting begins! The Whitney Academy will read the books in each of the categories and cast a vote for the winners.

Then, at the beginning of May, a gala will be held to announce the winners!

2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year so far!

Oh… and psst! Scorched: Siren Prophecy 2 releases in a couple of days.

Hitting the List

It’s been a whirlwind year already and January isn’t even over yet!

We released Shifted on January 8, 2019 after a lot of hard work, late night writing, and an intense marketing buildup. After months and months of sweat and tears and late night chats between authors, the day finally came!

And the numbers built up…

And 8 days later we found out that Shifted became #146 on the USA Today Bestseller list!

That’s right! This girl is an official USA Today Bestseller.

And the year’s not over yet…

New Project: Shifter Academy

So… I just realized that although I’ve made the announcement on other platforms such as Facebook and my email list, but I have yet to post the news here on my website. **Facepalm**

I highly urge you to join my email list. Updates are much more consistent and if you’re already on the list then you know about my next upcoming project: Shifter Academy.

I have joined up with 4 other authors (Tricia Barr, Angel Leya, Alessandra Jay, and one of my critique partners Jesse Booth) to write in a universe where shifters exist: werewolves, mermaids, dragons, phoenix, and many more!

We are writing a shared trilogy together, with individual books/series to follow that all take place in this universe.

The shared trilogy written by the 5 of us releases January 2019 with books releasing every 6 weeks after that (including my own individual trilogy that kicks off next summer!)

Check out our teaser page.

If you sign up for our email there, you will receive a FREE copy of Shifting Winds, a novella written by Jesse Booth (which is really good!!).

Check it out!!

TBA Plans and Changes in Plans

Yep! So I'm like the worst at posting to the blog lately. Join my email list! I send out updates there twice a month and I've had some giveaways and book recommendations, so sign up! Check it out! I promise not to spam you!

Purpose In Her Dreams is getting closer! Edits are going great. A lot of work... but great! And I have a cover, which I will reveal within the next few weeks, so stay tuned. (I will definitely post here, so if you really don't want my emails you won't miss out) And there isn't a date yet for publication, but August will definitely be the month. YAY! I can't believe the series is almost finished. It's a bitter-sweet sort of thing. But mostly sweet. 

So you know how I promised a 5 book series next year... well plans are changing and I'm going to be a part of a really cool project that will be taking the front seat as soon as Purpose is finished. That next series will be put on hold for a bit while I work on this. But, if you're into fantasy... mark your calendars for January 2019... psst! I'm really excited!


In case you didn't hear the news, Trapped In Her Dreams released last week. (I know, I know, I've been slacking in the blog post department) The response I have received thus far has been amazing! I am so happy that so many people love this series! Thank you!

Two weeks ago I finished the first draft of the final book (To be titled Purpose In Her Dreams). I'm in the thick of edits, and if all goes according to plan it will be released sometime in August. So if you're the type of person who likes to wait until a series is finished before you read, August will be your month!

This journey has been quite the ride and I'm so grateful to everyone who is riding along with me because I'm getting excited for my next project. Stay tuned for news of a 5-book series that will release in 2019!

Checking off the bucket list!

It's official! I'm a published author for real today! And MAN I am feeling the imposter syndrome in a huge way! But it's real! I've done the work and it's finally out there!

Several years ago, I had 3 big dreams I wanted in life. First, was to be a mom. It took several years and prayers but finally happened for me and my hubby in 2012 (and then again in 2014 and 2016). My second dream was to write and publish a book (March 22, 2018 will go down in history for this girl!).  And my third dream was to travel to Italy, specifically Rome to see the Colosseum. And though I thought it would come last, my parents took us and my siblings in 2011... which was pretty awesome. Thanks again Dad and Mom!

Those dreams absolutely did not come in the order I thought they would. And looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

Luckily I have many more dreams now. One book written and published was not enough! I love it too much! And I'm hoping my writing will contribute to the family finances in a big way someday hopefully soon. So here's to big dreams!!

If you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet, click here and you'll get a FREE copy of First Dreams, the prequel story to In Her Dreams. 

Thanks for reading!


Fulfilling my dreams

I have loved to write my entire life...well since I could write obviously. It's been my dream to have a published novel since I was in the 4th grade and I won a Reflections contest for my short story. I only entered at the urging of my teacher that year and the rest is history! (Maybe I'll type it up and post it here someday!)

I dabbled here and there as I grew up (essays and research papers often overshadowed anything creative), but I have seriously been writing since about 2008. That's 10 years of practicing writing full-length novels and this is the one (In Her Dreams) that felt like it was good enough to share with the world.

And though it's not officially published yet, I am getting fantastic feedback from those who have read it. So thank you for reaching out and telling me you liked it. I feel like all of that practice and hard work may just pay off!

Here's to a great launch!! And if you're curious, a sample of In Her Dreams is being featured in two freebie promotions currently (with more to come!).  I'll post the current ones and the ones that start this week below. Check them out! There are some great titles in each of them.

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