New Years Resolutions

It's January 1st and I've already reached my first goal of the year! Just moments ago I typed the last words to the sequel of In Her Dreams.


If my baby wasn't currently sleeping I would probably dance and shout. Lucky for you, I'm writing a blog post instead. 

You're probably thinking, "how can I be excited about a sequel when I haven't even read the first one?" plan is to get the second one to my editor and on a schedule shortly so that right when you've finished reading In Her Dreams...bam! the sequel Trapped in her Dreams will be uploaded and published to Amazon, ready for you to click and continue the story.

Fingers crossed that Trapped In Her Dreams will be up a month after In Her Dreams goes live.  I'll keep you posted though.

Since it is January 1st and traditionally a great day to set new goals, I wanted to share a few of my writing/publishing goals, with the hope that it will help me stick to it.  So here goes...

*blowing on fingers ala Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail*

1.  Finish and publish the trilogy of In Her Dreams in 2018 (that's right! this year you can read the entire series)

2. Plot out and start a new series getting one... or maybe two of them published this year.

Whew! Four or Five books in one year? Can I do it? (singing the theme song to Bob the Builder in my head--can you tell I have young boys?) I hope I can!!