New Project: Shifter Academy

So… I just realized that although I’ve made the announcement on other platforms such as Facebook and my email list, but I have yet to post the news here on my website. **Facepalm**

I highly urge you to join my email list. Updates are much more consistent and if you’re already on the list then you know about my next upcoming project: Shifter Academy.

I have joined up with 4 other authors (Tricia Barr, Angel Leya, Alessandra Jay, and one of my critique partners Jesse Booth) to write in a universe where shifters exist: werewolves, mermaids, dragons, phoenix, and many more!

We are writing a shared trilogy together, with individual books/series to follow that all take place in this universe.

The shared trilogy written by the 5 of us releases January 2019 with books releasing every 6 weeks after that (including my own individual trilogy that kicks off next summer!)

Check out our teaser page.

If you sign up for our email there, you will receive a FREE copy of Shifting Winds, a novella written by Jesse Booth (which is really good!!).

Check it out!!