Fulfilling my dreams

I have loved to write my entire life...well since I could write obviously. It's been my dream to have a published novel since I was in the 4th grade and I won a Reflections contest for my short story. I only entered at the urging of my teacher that year and the rest is history! (Maybe I'll type it up and post it here someday!)

I dabbled here and there as I grew up (essays and research papers often overshadowed anything creative), but I have seriously been writing since about 2008. That's 10 years of practicing writing full-length novels and this is the one (In Her Dreams) that felt like it was good enough to share with the world.

And though it's not officially published yet, I am getting fantastic feedback from those who have read it. So thank you for reaching out and telling me you liked it. I feel like all of that practice and hard work may just pay off!

Here's to a great launch!! And if you're curious, a sample of In Her Dreams is being featured in two freebie promotions currently (with more to come!).  I'll post the current ones and the ones that start this week below. Check them out! There are some great titles in each of them.

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