Julia Keanini

My first Kindle

I got a Kindle for my birthday a few weeks ago. I know, I know...get with the times Joanna, right? I really always preferred the feel of a book, but for a lot of reasons I decided it was time.  Anyway, as a reward for surviving November with crazy word counts and major editing, I decided to binge the published books of my awesome critique group.

Julia Keanini has written and published many books over the past few years. She's one of my go-to people when I have questions about the publishing world. I respect and value her advice, and though we've never actually met in person, we speak regularly over social media and Skype.

 I had read several of her Skinniness is Next to Goddessness series (which are really good!), but she has another series: Second Chance Fairy Tales, that starts with a Christmas-time book entitled Merrily Ever After. Perfect for this time of year.  So I downloaded it on my brand new Kindle and read it in only a few days. It was a quick and fun read! It's clean and sweet and romantic **sigh**. I immediately downloaded the next one (Snow and the Seven Teenagers) and finished it a couple of days ago. She recently published a third one: A Royal (Fake) Engagement, that I will probably start today...and then be sad that I read them all so quickly. 

Go check them out!

Fortunately Julia isn't the only published member of my awesome critique group...so on to the next!