Fractures: A collection of Shifter Academy Short Stories and Fairy Tales

Delve deeper into the USA Today bestselling world of Shifter Academy with four incredible short stories.

Making Waves by Tricia Barr

Mermaid seer Delphine has foreseen the destruction of the Mer if they choose to stay in the ocean. But she’s also seen another path, one that can save them: migrating to land. 

She’ll need a plan, and a ton of money to facilitate their move to the human world. But a rival Mer who wants to claim her as his bride, a significant lack of seed money, and a few pesky human rules are standing in her way. Can Delphine push herself and her visions further than they’ve ever gone before to save her people, or will her great mer kingdom meet its end?

Blood Heritage By Jesse Booth

Join Draven on his twentieth birthday as he finally becomes a vampire and takes the mantle of the Denholm Heir.

His first task? Prove his abilities and worthiness. 

But Draven’s ambitions are lofty, even for the power-hungry vampire race. Will his ambitions jettison him into the ranks of the revered, or will they be his undoing?

Dante & Calliope By Joanna Reeder

This shifter fairy tale, told in the style of The Princess Bride, follows a young couple who find each other irresistible, yet they are at impossible odds. 

What is keeping them apart, and what lesson does Lady Victoria Dracul wish her children, Kol and Tatiana to learn through such a story?

In Cinders By Angel Leya

Ella is a phoenix shifter who has yet to shift. When her widower father finds a new bride, she’s reluctant to accept the change. But change proves to be too much when the night of his wedding, her father has a heart attack and dies. Ella is reeling from the loss, but her step-mother and step-sisters are determined to carry on--with or without her.

In Cinders is a fairy tale retelling of Cinderella, set in the victorian South of the Shifter Academy world.