Frost Boarding House Series

(Prequel Series to the Siren Prophecy)

By Joanna Reeder

Over one hundred years before Myreen's adventures at Shifter Academy, Frost boarding house became the first School for shifters.

If only Camilla Frost wasn’t so prejudiced against shifters…

Frost Boarding House Series is a prequel trilogy to the USA Today Bestselling Shifter Academy: Siren Prophecy series. Fans will love the connections and nods to the beloved characters as many of their ancestors star in this trilogy including dragon princess, Aline Dracul — relation to Kol Dracul; Evandrus Quinn — a phoenix ancestor of the fire-bird, Juliet Quinn; Gemma MacLugh — a strong selkie of Kenzie MacLugh’s line; and last but not least, Leif Villers, the conflicted vampire himself when he was still human and very much like an older brother to Camilla. 

Frigid (Book 1)

17-year-old Camilla Frost just wants safety her family, boarding establishment, and apple orchard, but when shifters arrive with the power of fire, she can't help but imagine everything going up in flames. 

Emergency response is not the same in 1898, after all. 

To make matters worse, the shifters are fleeing from a worse danger — vampires. But when Camilla finds herself drawn to them and forms a friendship with the royal dragon princess and the handsome phoenix protection guard, Evandrus Quinn, she finds the things she loves most slipping like ice from her fingertips. 

Will anything survive the changes, or will all her fears become manifest?


Frost (Book 2)

Camilla’s world has been turned on its head. She has lost two people she loved and a part of herself. Will she be able to move on or succumb to the cold ice within?


Frozen (Book 3)

The Frost Boarding School for Changers (shifters) is in session.

And thriving.

Camilla Frost loves who she has become. 

And she is in love.

What could go wrong?