Purpose In Her Dreams

(In Her Dreams Book three)

The conclusion of the In Her Dreams Trilogy

His smile widens. “Emily.” Did I notice tears prick his eyes before he blinked? “You’re here.”

“I’m here,” I sing in Genevieve’s gravely alto tone.

He pulls over and turns to look at me.

When he doesn’t respond I ask, “How did you know?”

His sly smile makes its appearance. “You did not flash your pout face and complain about your designer hat or designer shoes getting dirty.”

“Ah!” I try to push her back further. She resists at first, but recognizing how Andrew acts when I am present, she allows it. “Genevieve is fun, isn’t she?”

He shrugs, then jumps down from the car and holds out a hand to help me down.

Wrapping my arm into the crook of his arm, he squeezes once. “She’s not all bad. She is my way to see you.” He kisses the top of my head, and we walk down the lane. “I’ve missed you.”